Resident permit in Spain for Entrepreneurs (Golden Visa)

Commercial-Lines-Business-MeetingThe new Spanish Golden Visa Law it’s focused to attract foreign, non-european- enterpreneurs who wants to start up an empresarial project in Spain. This new law aim to promote the enterprise culture and create an environment that is conducive to economic activity and facilitate the entry of investment and talent for the purpose of fostering economic growth and creating jobs.

To obtain these objectives, entrance into Spain and residency permits are facilitated in the interest of the economy, for the following different types of Enterpreneur Visa:

The first one it´s only valid for a maximum stay period of one year, allowing the person who holds the resident permit for stay in the countrie doing the necesary steps to undertake an entrepreneurial activity.

The second one, it´s a residence permit to initiate, implement or manage an entrepreneurial activity. This visa will be granted for 1 year and prolonged every 2 years.

The main requirement to obtain the resident permit is that the enterpreneur activity shall be innovative, of special economic interest for Spain and be favorably certified as such by the Spanish government. For these purposes, the creation of jobs will be given special consideration.

Other requirements are:

  • No criminal record contact us for further information.
  • It´s not needed a minimum stay in Spain.
  • Invest must come from a country is not a fiscal island, investment can be done from a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of this company.

For apply, it’s not mandatory hiring a spanish lawyer but it´s recomended, you should need a profesional to act on your behalf and avoid inconvenences, both on the Business Plan Design and in the inmigration proccess request.