Introducing ‘Blue Compliance’ to prevent criminal liability

technology1The criminal liability introduced in the Spanish legal system by the 2015 Criminal Code Reform is an opportunity for companies to adopt prevention models to avoid dangerous behaviors, and also helps companies optimize their production processes and widen business opportunities.

Spanish Criminal Code, Attorney General and the Supreme Court Case Law has settled the necessity for Spanish corporations to adopt effective compliance programs, with procedures and controls for criminal offenses prevention, which can serve as an exonerating factor when a company is subject to criminal liability.

In case that the Company has not adopted a compliance program, companies may face with several penalties which could go from a penalty fee up to 5.000 euros per day during five years, to the company dissolution, which suppose the death penalty for the corporation.

Because of this new reality, Gil-Merino Law Office has developed a new and ambitious system called ‘Blue Compliance’, not only for being a tailor-made suit for each company attending to their own and particular structure, but also because includes many prevent models from different areas, such as protection of the Natural Resources and the Environment, Money Laundering or Cyber security.

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